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What is it? The PROPS program (Proper Recognition of Personal Success) is an employee recognition program that enables employees to earn points for demonstrating one of the four cultural attributes – Caring, Committed, Creative and Collaborative. Employees may use their accumulated points to redeem for items included in the rewards catalog – merchandise, gift cards or charitable contribution.

Employees will be able to recognize any other employee in the company – a peer, a manager, someone on their team, someone in another department, etc. by giving them points for demonstrating one of our cultural attributes. We want to empower everyone at BCBSNC to be part of creating a culture of recognition and appreciation.

How do I participate in the program? You must register with the PROPS program in order to participate. You will have received an invitation to register during the program launch with instructions on how to login and access the program. You will use your employee number as your user ID and will at that time be asked to create your password. We ask that you choose a password that is different from your LAN password and safeguard it appropriately.

How do I recognize someone? Go to the Zone homepage to access the link to the PROPS site. Follow the directions under the tab, “PROPS.”

Who can I recognize and give points to? Eligibility for the PROPS Program is limited to current Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina employees. Please note that contract employees, temporary employees, independent contractors and vendors are not eligible for the PROPS Program.

What if I can’t find an employee in the listing on the PROPS site and I want to recognize them? Only current BCBSNC employees are eligible for the PROPS program. It’s possible the person you are searching for may be a contract employee, a temporary employee or an employee of a vendor. In these cases, feel free to contact the company the contractor or temporary employee works to find out what methods of recognition they have in place. And remember, a simple thank you can go a long way!

If the person you are searching for was recently hired, it’s possible that there may be a two week period between their hire date and when they are officially added to the PROPS program listing.

Also, please note the PROPS program uses an employee’s “preferred name” in their employee listing (similar to Blue Pages), so feel free to use Blue Pages as a guide if you have still having difficulty finding them in the PROPS program list.

What should I recognize others for? The program exists to help reinforce the importance of the four cultural attributes – Caring, Committed, Creative and Collaborative. When you see a coworker demonstrating one of these attributes in their work, we encourage you to recognize them for it.

How can I tell how many points I have to give to others? When you are logged in to the PROPS program site, you will automatically see the number of points you have to give on the right hand side of the Home, Awards and My Account pages on the site.

Can I give someone any amount of points in the system? You can only give points in increments of 50. There is a drop down box during the Give PROPS process that will allow you to choose how many points you want to associate with your recognition award.

Do my points carry over year to year?
There are two point balances to consider:

For distributable points: They do not carry over. At the beginning of each quarter, each employee will be given an amount of points to distribute with recognition awards (PROPS) within the program. If unused (not distributed) by the end of the quarter, they will forfeited. Points balance (to be distributed) will be reset at the beginning of each quarter. Therefore, we ask that you use the points you are given quarterly as they will not carryover quarter to quarter or year to year.

For points earned through the program: They do carry over. We understand there may be situations where employees would rather save their points over time to reach a level for a particular reward catalog item. However, we do encourage employees to use their points in a timely manner. The reward catalog is designed so that we believe there are desirable items available at many different levels.

I have already given away all of my distributable points for this quarter. Can I still recognize my coworkers? Yes. When you go to the PROPS page on the site and fill out a recognition award, there is a drop down menu that will ask you for the number of points you would like to award at that time. There is an option available to recognize without any point award

Does my manager know when I am recognized? Through the PROPS program, an automatic email notification is sent to your manager when you receive a recognition award. In addition, leaders have access to reports detailing recognition activity for all employees who report to them.

How can I see my point balance of the points I have earned? When you are logged in to the PROPS program site, you will automatically see the number of points you have to redeem on the top of the page, directly under the navigation bar on all pages on the site. You can also see the number of points you have available to award to others.

How do I redeem my points for a reward? On the PROPS program site, go to the tab marked “Redeem Points” to access the rewards catalog and choose an applicable reward based on the number of points in your account. In addition, you may create a wish list of items that most interest you.

The catalog is organized by type of items available and each item is listed with a point value required to purchase it. When you choose to redeem your points for a reward, your earned points balance will decrease by the number of points used to purchase the reward.

How do I search for a specific item in the catalog? Go to the Redeem Points page and follow directions to search for specific types of items in the catalog. The catalog is organized by various categories of items.

Can I be notified once I have earned enough points for a specific item in the catalog? We do not currently have this capability.

Whom do I contact if I have a question about catalog items, my order or returns? Go to the HELP tab on the PROPS site and submit your question there. It will be routed to the appropriate person to address your concern.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about the program itself: Eligibility, tax questions or cultural attributes? Please go to the HELP page of the PROPS program site to submit your question. There is also a general BCBSNC email address that you can use to ask questions about program specifics – it is Recognition.Program@bcbsnc.com.

Can I ship a product to an address other than my own? Yes. During the checkout process, you can choose the address to which you’d like to have your item shipped.

How do I check the status of a merchandise order? Go to the “Account” tab to see your transaction history. You can click on a specific transaction for more information about status of your order.

How long does it take for my order to ship? Reward items will be shipped within 7-14 business days following the receipt of each order. You will be notified if there are any delays and be given a chance to select an alternate item if you desire.

An item I saw in the catalog is no longer there. What happened? Modifications can be made to the rewards catalog based on product availability. If an item is no longer available, we will use reasonable efforts to ensure any replacement items are of a similar style and price point.

Can I return an item? Please submit questions regarding returns on the “Help” page of the PROPS program site to determine specific next steps.

Defective merchandise must be returned for warranty replacement within 30 days of original shipment. Please note that orders canceled after an item is shipped, when the item is not damaged, may be subject to a 20% restocking fee subject to the policies of each specific supplier. Recipients are responsible for the costs in these circumstances.

Why am I taxed on rewards received through this program? Merchandise redeemed under the program is subject to applicable federal, state and/or local taxes. Payment of taxes resulting from these awards is the sole responsibility of the participating employee and not BCBSNC or any of its affiliates or agents. BCBSNC will report earnings under this program in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

How are taxes collected? When you redeem your points for a specific item, BCBSNC’s payroll department is notified. Applicable taxes will be collected from you through a deduction on a subsequent paycheck.

What are Standouts? Each month, one employee, of all those recognized during that timeframe, will be spotlighted for demonstrating one of BCBSNC’s four cultural attributes – Caring, Committed, Creative, Collaborative. This individual’s story can then be found under the “Standouts” tab on the PROPS program site. In this way, we can share a bit more information about this employee, the behavior they exhibited and the situation they were recognized for. We hope this will encourage others to recognize their coworkers when they see similar behaviors in the workplace. We will highlight different attributes each month to help promote a culture of recognition and appreciation.

How else can I see what others are being recognized for? There is a section of the homepage set aside to show the five most recent awards given through the PROPS program. There is also a link there that allows you to see a longer list of those recently recognized. In this listing, you not only see the name of the individual who was recognized but also the name of the individual who gave the award and a short explanation of how that employee demonstrated one of our four cultural attributes. We hope this list will inspire others to recognize their coworkers on a regular basis.

I am a leader with direct reports at BCBSNC. Am I able to access information on what my employees have been recognized for? Besides getting an automatic email notification when your employees are recognized, you also have access to various reports through the manager reporting function which is part of the program. We want you to be able to highlight individuals who are being recognized frequently in your area, either during staff meetings, end of year events, etc. You can access these reports through the “View Your Team” tab on the home page of the PROPS website.

What do I do if I forget my password? If you’ve forgotten your password, please follow the instructions on the login page to retrieve or replace it. You will set reminder questions during the registration process that can assist in getting your password reset if you do forget it.